I met a lady in the meads, full beautiful, a faery's child;
Her hair was long, her foot was light, and her eyes were wild
John Keats

Come dance with me in the dark moonlight.

I whisper fae dreams into thy life as I dance for ye sweet child 
To thy hands I give the gifts of water and fire.
 And to thy heart I give the gift of love so pure as to rival the heavens themselves. 

A child of the moonlit night, her laughter rings true,
as do her dreams.
  She may steal a pretty bauble from you, but fear not,
as she will offer you a gift in return.
A faery's child, indeed, but what else, she does not know.
  She roams the woods with her unseen companions,
 their giggles as soft as the wind sighing through the trees.


It was the fragile sound of a mortal heartbeat that awoke Sari Faire from her demon-infested sleep.  And it was the absence of a beloved heartbeat that shot her hissing upright.  Threads were flung out, using up precious energy, and within moments the child of her heart lay with her head in Sari's lap.  The fey creatures surrounded them, pressing close.  Behind them, slivers of gold light sliced between the fresh petals, bursting upwards to dance amoung the towering trees. 

'Child' rasped Sari Faire.  'Fret no more.  Tis safe .. tis safe.' 

Rani held to the slight body of Sari, feeling the weakness tremoring along the fine skin.  'You are hurt!' It was a mere whisper, laced with fear.  Never had she known Sari Faire to be less than powerful.

'Not so ye'd be noticing, my fine child.' Sari Faire pet the raven-haired girl, long fingers combing through her thick hair.  She'd not ever admit what she'd done, nor the grave risk of it.  But a long overdue debt had been paid.  Whatever became of Lacy LeFey, their fates would once more be in balance.  Sari Faire had done what needed doing.

Sitting up, Rani looked past Sari Faire to the brilliantly glowing mound.  'Sari is she .. ?'

'The fractured soul remains with damage I could nae undo.  But lives, she does.  A time of her choosing is when she emerges.'

'Then ' Rani brought her hands together, hope stirring the stormy eyes, 'I can tell Panther she is returning!'

'Nae, child,' Sari Faire cautioned.  'Darby is under enchantment, and homebound she'll be.  She'll not be crossing through the gate.  Tis self-collapsed.  The ruins yer friend finds .. tis all he will ever find there.' 

The sleeping one still slept. Gathering Rani close, the two slipped into healing slumber, protected by the fey creatures, and one thoughtful onlooker.

The Queen returned to her court to contemplate.