Heart child of Sari Faire
Sired child of Jeni Von Richter
Blood child of Rav Rikard


A sound sleep broken by a whisper that wove through her dreams and pulled her outward, the transition of sleep and wakefulness seamless.  Her mind churned then settled into puzzlement.  Sari never sent forth her thoughts unless it was serious, so she could do naught but obey the summons.  From the house she ran lightly into the orchards, the moon filtering through the leaves and it was at the bse of the one old oak that she lay down, her raven hair spreading in waves.  ‘I'm here .. ‘she whispered silently, and the earth shifted beneath her, opening, welcoming … she became one with it, sinking from sight and merging. She followed the link, her mind spreading outwards, cradled and protected by the earth that housed her body, and in this dream-like world, shemet Sari by the Faerie’s Mound, a place of danger and healing for mortals.  They crouched together as Sari whispered to her ears in that beautiful and eerie dual voice – the tale of a woman-child torn and reunited, who lay sleeping the sleep of death.  Rani listened and saw at the same time, gasping softly as she recognized who it was Sari spoke of.  When the tale was complete, Rani raised closed her eyes and raised her arms heavnwards, and with a sensation of rushing through powerful waters, she felt the earth embrace her once more.


 Jeni Von Richter:  ::The daylight hours waned, and activity picked up ... patients in the castle were attended, and many of the recovering ones were assisted on short or long walks, depending on their condition .. the smell of hot food was comforting even to those that didnt require such food.  Lights along the lanes and around the stables and gardens began to glow as night descended, the castle itself was host to thousands upon thousands of candles, the mixed scent of honey and wood permeated the walls.   She loved the transition and watched from the corner library windows that overlooked her domain::

 Christian:  ::He crept onto the grounds, right along the main entrance. He felt tired enough for a hundred lifetimes, and walked like it, too. He was still wasn't used to this body.::

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::Charles stepped into view at his side, looking at him without a word, polite in stance, eyes empty of expression::

 Christian:  ::He swallowed slightly. He truly wished he wasn't surprised by that. He turned his head slowly to look at the man who appeared aside him.:: I come here peacefully... I just want to talk to her..

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::Charles nodded once.  Too-thin fingers flicked towards the door.  He turned those empty eyes forward and walked, seeming indifferent to whether Christian followed along or not::

 Christian:  ::So this is what it felt like to be creeped out. Interesting, and deplorable. He used to be able to tell what a creature was made of inside and out, and that he could most likely crush that creature if he wanted to. That gave him a great deal of comfort. That comfort is with him no longer. He followed after the man, if it was a man.::

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::They entered and another male closed the door behind them.  Charles paused long enough to exchange a look with him, unspoken words but the eyes gave nothing away.  Then he resumed down the hall, his steps muted by the thick carpet runner.  Along the walls hung masterpieces, each with their own candle-sconce that highlighted the glossy and ancient works.  At the library, his hand closed over the s-curved handle, the click sounding loud as it released::

 Christian:  ::He felt almost suffocated by the fact that this Charles person was clearly not as human as he looked, and that he could do absolutely nothing to demonstrate power over him. From a lion to a lamb, and now into the den of the dragon.. probably the most powerful vampire he'd ever met.. surely she was in here, and surely able to read his thoughts, and the fact that he wouldn't be aware of even that made him inwardly maddened even more. He took his cue to walk inside...::

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::Jeni turned from her contemplation of the view, her icy warm eyes resting for a moment on Charles, a hint of what might have been a smile tugged the corner of her lips.  Charles responded by a rough sound that manged to express a greeting::  Thank you, Charles ... you do not need to remain .. ::She knew he found the company of others distressful, and would no doubt find this situation more so::  Greetings, Christian .. ::Ever so polite, she gave a graceful move of her hand that indicated he was bidden to take a chair even as she crossed to a side table::  May I offer you a drink? ::She noticed the hesitation of Charles but gave no sign, and no sign was given either when the door finally closed, leaving her alone with Christian::

 Christian:  ::He wasn't quick to answer. So easily she gave him welcome, it made him anxious. Wasn't he the one being blamed for almost every bad thing that happened in Nox Noctis? Maybe she already knew, maybe the confidence of being so much higher on the chain than him made him seem laughable...:: I wouldn't know where to start... ::The only thing he had a real thirst for would make him sick now... he hadn't ate or drank anything, upset at his own hunger::

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::She just sort of smiled again, aged brandy splashing almost carelessly into a snifter.  She carried it with her.  A hand smoothed her slim skirt as she lowered to a chaise, her ankles crossing delicately ... the brandy swirled almost mesmerizingly in the glass, reflected by the blaze in the man-high fireplace::  Perhaps you should tell me what it is you do need, Christian?  ::She kept those eyes on him, unreadable, neither showing pity, or more appropriately, rage::

 Christian:  I'm human, Jeni Von Richter.

 Jeni Von Richter:  How ... quaint.  ::A golden brow curved::  

 Christian:  You.. don't understand. I've always been human..

 Jeni Von Richter:  You will have to explain yourself, Christian.  I find it distasteful in the extreme to pry into minds.  Unless it is expedient, I avoid it ... ::At that moment, the dual-doors were flung open and 4 people, in two-by-two entered, each bearing trays which were set on a table.  The smell of hot, nurturing food filled the air::  

 Christian:  ::He almost jumped. He was screaming inside, and yet a tired, tired scream it was. He hated this. He turned his attention away from the caterers:: When we were first introduced... I claimed to be your cousin. I claimed to be Christian Von Richter... at the time, I truly believed I was both..

 Christian:  You did have a cousin from Earth's Germany , named Christian Von Richter... but he died in turf war with a neighboring kingdom.. they raped and pillaged each other's lands, homes, families...

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::her expression affected mild interest as she took a delicate and appreciative sip of the brandy::

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::There was a faint tightening of her features at his latter statement, the only indication she gave that she might have emotions beneath the surface::

 Christian:  ::He began looking at the veins in his wrists now.. pumping human, true human, blood:: I don't know who I am, really... because... my memories were false.. but I'm clean of that now.. I'm a human and I always have been. My earliest, actual memory was of the Circle telling me I had to repent for the sins I committed... but in reality, those sins were of your cousin, not me.. they turned what was human in me into a vampire, they overwrote my real memories with false ones, they made me a man who was dead... they gave me the ghost of a guilty, guilty man, and they made me 'repent'...

 Christian:  That's why Nox Noctis was built... I was to be a king again, and maintain a peaceful land for the one I had destroyed..

 Christian:  But in the end, it was all a ruse...

 Christian:  Nox Noctis was procured because it was the place they needed it to stage their coup..

 Christian:  And I was procured to keep watch over it.

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::Two females had put together a plate of various finger foods and a cup of mild tea, both approached him deferentially and offered him the personal tray as though he were not spewing out his pain and frustration, their eyes were lowered in politeness::   Why would they choose you for this?  ::Her tone was mild::

 Christian:  ::He ignored them. Ah, something was still left:: I don't know. Why do people who are more powerful than other people subject those people to their power with indifference? I don't know. Periodically my memory would begin to return and they would bury me, wait for me to tear through the earth in bloodlust, and have an unconscious woman near me for food..

 Christian:  They manipulated me at every step...

 Christian:  Anything of a history for me only starts now... this is the closest to 'real' I've ever been..

 Jeni Von Richter:  So you take the stance of 'victim', do you?  ::It didnt appear she gave any word or gesture to the women, but the tray was set at the small table by his side and all four left the room::  Disclaiming all responsiblity?

 Christian:  I came here because you're the only person that could believe me... not for understanding. I came here knowing full and well that I might not make it out of this place alive.

In truth, I'll probably burn in the fires of hell for all eternity, but I don't really care anymore. I've seen more than any one person should see, and have done more than any one person should do. All I really care about is a woman who'll probably never care about me again..

 Jeni Von Richter:  I believe you are human ... not because of your words, but the scent of you and the sound of your heart as it pumps your rich blood through very fragile veins.  I see it in the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe and the change in your smell as your emotions overtake you ... it oozes through your pores.  But know this, Christian ... or whatever name you may eventually decide to call yourself ::which gave tacit indication that he might live:: you carry the stain of your action ... your body carries the cell-memories of your actions whether your mind acknowledges that or not ... and it is that which you will have to deal with, and that which you will have to expunge from your soul ...

 Christian:  ::He nodded without response. He swallowed again. That seemed like it was the end. He stood from his chair:: I guess I'll be taking my leave then.. before my welcome wears out..

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::That golden brow arched again::  And where do you expect to go, Christian?  

 Christian:  I don't know.. but I don't have as long to get there as I used to..

 Jeni Von Richter:  You are ill-equipped to cope ... you smell like prey and you look like a victim ... and you wear the face of a killer.  How long do you expect to last out there?  ::She remained, as always, cool in her observations::

 Christian:  I appreciate the diplomacy, but am I really safe at all here?

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::What little warmth was in those icy eyes faded so only the chill was left::  Are you questioning my ability to secure the safety of those within my care?

 Christian:  ::He countered:: You never said I was.

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::With even more chill::  The moment you stepped into my arena, Christian, you were safe from all ... but me.  

 Christian:  I'll remember that.

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::One of the doors opened and Charles stood stiffly until she glanced at him, the warmth seeping back into her gaze::  One moment, Charles .. ::She turned back to Christian::  It is your choice.  You may stay for a time ... understanding you will obey the rules set here ... or you may depart and take your chances out there. 

 Christian:  Why would you help me? You hardly believe me, and it seems you like me even less..

 Jeni Von Richter:  You are a refugee of the war ... ::Blandly answered::  Whether I like your not is irrelevant.  ::Her gaze flickered back as Charles made a small shuffle and she gave him a faint reassuring smile::

 Christian:  I see.. Well.. Then maybe I will return, if I survive long enough to do it.. After I face her..

 Jeni Von Richter:  Who?  ::A slightly sharper look was turned in his direction::

 Christian:  Keli..

 Jeni Von Richter:  ::Charles coughed and hastily backed out the door, pulling it with him with a sharp click::  You will not find her ::Stated calmly and took another sip of the brandy after swirling it to release its scent:: 

 Christian:  What.. do you mean...? ::His damnable heart was changing it's pace::

 Jeni Von Richter:  Only one could take you to where she is, and that one is no longer mine to summon ... ::spoke idly as though discussing the weather::  Though ... ::paused thoughtfully:: I could inquire ... the choice would be hers, though ... and I would not interfere with that decision ...::A lowering of her lashes to observe the contents of her glass, then they lifted, displaying the glacial blue::

 Christian:  If.. if you would... I would be greatly appreciative..   

After Christian left the room, accompanied by Charles, Jeni leaned back in the high-backed chaise.
Would Rani come?  Would it be fair to even ask her?  Christian had been responsible for many deaths
and losses.  Jeni remembered an occasion when the gentle Rani had dipped into that dark side,
avenging the death of one of her forest friends by torturing the hunter.

Bringing Rani to Christian might earn him passage to the woman he claimed to love,
or it might herald his death.

The horse nickered.  That was the only warning.  Rani stood at the trailhead, framed by the towering row of trees that bordered the path, moonlight dappling through the thinning leaves.  A lightening flash within the depth of her mysterious eyes and Jeni knew the truth.

This child, this shy, gentle creature had grown in such power that if Jeni were to be unwary, she could possibly be challenged.  Not that the girl offered any.  She stood, her head lowered, deferential and meek.  The midnight hair gleamed with inner light, its frothed ends swaying in the light breeze.

Jeni dismounted, her hand resting along the massive neck of the horse.  She caught the look passed between the beast and the girl.  Ancient eyes met the soft storm, a connection, primal and rich flashed between them.  Jeni's lips tightened.  She would have to take great care, indeed.

'Thank you for coming.  I did not know if you would.'

Rani dropped her eyes to the ground and murmured, 'I will always come if you need me ....'

'I smell fey about you,' Her eyes narrowed in contemplation.  Fey and Vampire were incompatible.  The blood of the Fey could damage a Vampire, though the Fey seemed not to be troubled by the same issue.  Yet she could scent a hint of that intangible magic within the girl.  Was that what gave her the greater power?

Rani didnt answer, her stance changing subtly.  She was poised to flee.

Letting it go, Jeni continued. 'I have a request.  There is a man, human, who wishes to find Keli. He claims he is not Christian Von Richter, though he is the one who's body was used all these years.  I told him I would defer that decision to you.'

Slowly, the raven-haired girl looked up, the meekness falling away.  Her pupils flared open so wide it engulfed the storm, making her eyes fathomless.  A few blinks and the storms emerged, deeper and stronger, tiny flashes of jagged lightening vanishing into the now narrowed pupils. 

'I will do as you wish ...' Rani's voice remained as it always was ... gentle.  But Jeni heard beneath the gentleness. 

Pity for the man almost changed her mind about taking Rani to him.


'Lets go.'