A Sad Professor

If we are talking about love, then I have to tell you, dear Readers,
I'm not sure where I'm headed.  I've gotten lost before.
I've woke up stone drunk, face down on the floor.

Late afternoon, the house is hot. I started, I jumped up.
Everyone hates a bore.  Everyone hates a drunk.

This may be a lit invention, professors muddied in their intent,
to try to rope in followers to float their malcontent.
As far as this, Reader - I'm already spent.

Late afternoon, the house is hot.  I started, I jumped up.
Everyone hates a sad professor.
I hate where I wound up.



July 7th

Final Entry

May God forever damn my soul for what I have done this night.  Whoever, reads this journal entry should forgive the quality of my penmanship for it is quite dark and the light of fire on my porch is too far away to be useful. I believe I have emptied my last bottle of wine and have still felt nothing of intoxication.  The power of the beast is already here and already great.  My only hope is that when I am gone..the beast will be gone with me.  God have mercy on those souls of the land or the place where the beast is sent.

 What will the history books say of the man who encased the very source of all evil.  Encased it and trapped it inside a creature that does not even exist in nature.  Drunken, foolish, and prideful tamperings.  I've done something that God himself could not do...or decided not to do.

 The flames are very close now and it stands there watching me.  Its not attacking, only grinning.  Those teeth and those eyes.  I've never seen anything like it before.  Something tells me it knows what is happening.  It knows the final spell I cast.  It knows...and it doesn't care.  It wants to be taken to that realm.  What could be there that it wants? 

 The only thing that could threaten its existence of course.

 My memory is failing..flesh is burning..the creature itself is on fire.  Soon we will meet on the other side.  I know it now...What strange images.  circles of roses..statues and butterflies...a woman who isn't there.  Does she see me?

 The beast is gone.  God have mercy on my soul.