He stands at around 6'1 has short dark hair and hazel eyes.
He has a rugged face and an almost playful smirk at most times.
He wears loose fitting shirts, often with a coat or vest over them
in dark brown or black, and matching tailored pants.
He also has softsoled cowhide boots, and carries a rapier on his hip,
as well as a flintlock pistol. He's a little pale to most,
but not so to arouse any rumors of being one of the undead.
Probably a reason he has the nickname 'moonlight'  which he
chooses to give as his actual name for some unknown reason.
While friendly, sometimes it seems like he's holding things back.
Perhaps darker secrets he doesn't want others to know.

He also owns an Arabian stallion he calls Eclipse, because he
found him during a solar eclipse when the sun appears to be as
black as the horse. At present, he doesn't really have a place to stay,
so mostly sleeps under the stars...or during the day,
whichever the case may be when he's tired.

Occupation: Swordsman.
Any other occupation he might have he keeps to himself.