She stands a delicate, 5ft. 7 in, with wisping strands of ebon hair,
thick full lips..and soft hazel eyes, acquiring her handsome features
from both her father and mother.  She is often found barefooted,
frolicking in the grass and sand, usually clad in simple form-fitting, long dresses.
Chloe left their castle domain in Norshia when she was 12, with her mother, search of her father, Pyndori...whom had been lost at sea. 

She remained on the islands far off the coast of Norshia until the
sea had also claimed her mother, which now left her utterly alone.
Upon returning to the family castle, she remembered a relative that
visited her as a young child, whispers of many names rambled from
those lips until she recognized the one her mother spoke....Lacy.
What she needed now...more than ever...was family, she felt a
need to belong somewhere as she was not ready to take up
the reins of her father and mother's domain. 

 At sixteen, she holds an innocence to the world, which is often shown
in the artwork she creates, a trait she inherited from her mother.
Her father taught her the art of fencing at a very young age,
to which she has an accomplished skill, something she holds
with pride as she remembers him dearly.

 Quote taught to her by her mother:
Creativity is a muse of the most demanding sort.
When it whispers in your ear, you write what it says to write.
 If you ignore it, chances are it won't come back.

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.

Shayla Dragoon