Phoenix was born in Cork,Ireland to a family of gyspies. They knew from the moment she was born that she was the child they had been waiting for. There had been a legend passed down through the generations of a hero to be born that would restore the pride of their line and change the world in ways no one could imagine. The moment she was born her entire body was enveloped in bright flames burning away all the evidence of birth without harming her or the shocked grandmother who held her in her arms. Her wise grandmother looked down at the flaming baby in her arms and a broad smile spread across the wrinkled face. "From our ashes, she shall rise and become our....Phoenix!"

She grew up with all the special qualities of her gyspy line, an uncanny intuition, a bit of foresight, and a gift for spells and magic. She also had gifts all her own. She was remarkably quick and agile, the most skilled fighter they had ever trained even as a child. When injured she would again be enveloped in flames that would burn away any wound. At night the family noticed as she sung happily and beautifully along with her family around their fires those nearby felt lighter, younger, happier, healthier until it was determined that through her powerful deep voice she healed and soothed as the fire healed and soothed her. Her fire could heal herself without hurting any she loved but she was taught that it could burn whoever she did not love. She was taught as best as possible though she grew up wildly independent and headstrong. She wanted to live her own life outside of the fires and caravans of the gypsies.

Their came a day when an old family member came back to the fire one night. He told a story of a city of corruption and decay an ocean away. A city in need of help. This city had a hero it was true but the evil was so overwhelming that he feared their hero could not beat it back alone. It was then that the elders turned to the excited girl who had just barely reached adulthood and called to her, "Phoenix, your time has come."