Lace Danzig - City of Metropolis
Born into a middle class family, she learned first hand how fate can twist comfortable lives into desperation.
Her father was killed during a random bank heist, and like many middle class families, had always thought he had
time to 'put things in order'. Instead, his wife and daughter were left with taxes and debts.
Poverty struck them, the same bank that had taken the life of her father, stripped their lives of a home in foreclosure.
Lace spent her early teen years living in one shelter after another as her mother's health declined.
When she was 15, her mother finally succumbed to her illness, leaving Lace to fend for herself.
And fend she did. She saw how other families suffered, their struggles amounting to little or nothing.
It became her goal to make those struggles pay off.

Lace worked her way into the system, and learned everything to be learned.  Government grants, private fundings, permanent loans .. these became the foundation of her quiet empire.

Food banks, churches, out-reach programs, and legal advocates helped to supplement her goals.

She worked hard, putting the welfare of her clients above all. Paperwork, arguing with construction workers, lobbying politicians, filling in at the cooking line, gathering and cleaning the linen, hunting up beds from thrift stores .. it didnt matter what it took, Lace fought every step of the way to improve the deplorable homeless situation that plagued her city.

She found school teachers to volunteer their time to weekend and evening classes for both children and parents. She urged them to learn how to teach themselves. Daycares were setup and van services provided so parents could seek and keep jobs. A micro-bank was created using funds obtained from generous donations, written off for taxes, but oh-so-valuable to the recipients.

Lace found that given an honest chance, many would work hard for their freedom and their future.

It was her passion and her blonde beauty looks that first caught the attention of Lex Luthor.

And then it was on a casual bet with a fellow businessman that sent him in pursuit.
'You'll never get a woman like her, old man. She's in a different league.'

When Lex turned his attention on any project, he dedicated himself utterly.
Lace was his goal.
He would be the first to admit she was one of his greatest challenges.
Over a year of insinuating himself into her life, and another year of courting,
and he finally had her.  It was a poor investment. Within three months she left him.
Furious, he contested the divorce. No one left him!
Lace won, but at a price.
His blackmail was simple - keep his name and he'd keep a trust fund active for her pet projects.
It wasnt from love.  Not any kind of recognizable love, anyway.
It was pride. And revenge.

He didnt expect that she would wear the name with pride.
Lace Luthor intended to make his name her icon.
She would turn his deceit and lies into true philanthropy.
And she intended to start in Gotham City.