Jade Yeung

During Bruce's time in Asia he came across the Yeung family. Xiau Yeung and Ling Yeung were prominent doctors in their village, and had a small child who went by the name of Jade. Even though their lives were content, they wished to go America in order to continue the study of medicine and eventually take their knowledge back home to help those in need. 

Bruce who was impressed with their dedication vouched for them, compensating their travel and expenses, and the Yeung family was able to go to America 

The Yeungs were soon accepted into a respected medical facility, and continued raising their daughter. However, over time the Yeungs grew suspicious of the medical procedures practiced at the Gothams Institution of Medicine, particularly of one Dr. Krane, their suspicions were only confirmed when they came across Krane's 'practices' and the abominal results of his experiments. They knew they had to go to the police, but it would be for not. One late night, after hours of research, the Yeungs came face to face with Dr. Krane and his mind altering powder, which drove them insane. In a state of deliriousness the Yeungs murdered one another, and the crime was never solved. 

This left seventeen year old Jade alone and orphaned. Since she had no other relatives in the states Mr. Waybe took her in to live at his manor, sympathizing with her situation. 

Jade tries to stay optimistic and greatful, bringing a bit of light and warmth to the otherwise dark and cold manor. Jade is a talented singer with a voice of a n angel, she is currently being recruited at the Gotham Operetta for her sweet yet powerful voice. 

She intends to one day go to school, and pursue the dream her parents left behind, and become a doctor, to solve the problems that her parents so desperately tried to. 

However, she remains loyal to Mr Wayne and the ally of justice, Batman, with a smile.