'So ... it occurs to me that you've seen me unveiled, so to speak. How about your turn? Care to ... unveil?'
"You mean take off the mask?"
'Well I sure didnt mean ... yes, the mask!' Heat flushed her cheeks.
He resisted the grin and spoke again. "The man under this mask is the veil. This is who I am."

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"I gotta know something though, Mace. Is he really as crazy as they make him out to be?"

'I dont know if he is crazy in the way you would think. He's smart. He's ... scary as hell. He gets in your head, but you dont know if its because he means to, or that he is on some completely other wavelength. He can make you feel that you are the world, and then when he takes it away, you feel .. lost. His approval begins to mean something. He scares me in ways that no one has scared me before. Not even in the cult.
Those people were just sick.
The Joker .... he ... he makes me feel really alive because I know the next minute he might kill me.
But in those moments ... its glorious.'


Mary closed her eyes. She listened, intently. His voice belonged here. It was fitting. He was like the cave itself, secretive, powerful, filled with many paths and corridors. 'You chose the bats because of their abilities, didnt you? They are more than they seem. Yet it takes alot of them to instill the fear that you, in the single, can instill. How did you find that strength in yourself to do what has to be done?' She didnt try to locate him. He would come to her, or he wouldnt. He would trust her, or he wouldnt. She would accept whatever he wanted. He'd earned the right, where as she .... she still didnt even know herself fully yet.

"I didn't have to find it. It forced itself upon me..and I accepted it." His voice began to get nearer. "This strength, as you call it, comes from all the voices that are too weak to cry out on their own..and we decide for ourselves how we choose to accept this strength thats forced upon us" A gloved hand reached out in the dark behind her and touched the back of her head..stroking lightly down her hair. "I chose to accept it as a mask..how will you accept it?"


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